Thursday, 10 February 2011

Unit Investment Fund Well Finally, you'll spend much more time (though you can always take advantage of state-owned blocks, so that you have and reduce the risks). The third way - investing in precious metals and stones. Income in the case of buying the physical metal you can not get at all. And still pay 18% income tax (when he was finally canceled!) But in the case of the global meltdown of the financial system (which is now quite relevant) you lose less than others. And, of course, investing in jewelry allows you to wear them. If you work with a depersonalized metal, here you can get income, both in grams and in rubles, respectively, on changing the course metal. All the benefits when working with this account can be seen here:. But remember: this type of bank deposits are not insured. In the case of bank failure you lose everything. The fourth method, which opens before you - is to use their money to buy luxury items. The way that say, risky - but recent years Antiques & Contemporary Art steadily rise in price by 20-40% a year, that is, without doubt, the best income of all possible. Finally, the last, the fifth method, which we want to tell you - this Unit Investment Fund (SIF). Entering into mutual fund, you are actually buying part of a package of securities management company. Thus, you provides its securities reliable and competent management, but still win in income (typically 13-15% per annum). Incidentally, an analog of the mutual fund you can arrange themselves. To do this, arrange with your friends on money (you have one, and hardly enough) and buy "a purse" apartment. Real estate becomes more expensive for at least 8% a year, has about as much you can get by renting it...
Aliens Czech Republic The new law on Aliens Czech Republic with effect from 2010 should be changed based on the work of both the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Emigration to the Czech Republic in 2010 will be held under the new legislation. What's new in the Act emigration to the Czech Republic, we learn in the coming year. Requirements for applicants will be tightened even more, perhaps the introduction of new commitments and new documents, without being the foreigner whose visa will not be extended, smooth, as the very status of residence permit. Atmos Energy did not look back. Companies providing services of visa extension, document preparation and filing of police large set, the choice for foreigners. It is important to pay attention to the issue of personal registration, insurance, banking information, these documents play a major role in the renewal of Czech visas. Over the past few years, an important aspect for foreigners owning entity in the Czech Republic is a reporting of the firm, management business firm, deduction of tax on profits, taxes on wages, delivery of financial statements " listin and other obligations. In 2009, Czech police established a special department for review and economic analysis of firms owners who are foreign nationals. Particular attention is paid to the founders of companies who reside permanently in the Czech Republic, do not conduct activities and wages payable. The question arises as to what means there is a foreigner and his family members living in the Czech Republic. Check the company could dramatically affect the question of how to extend your visa for a foreigner, and in the very room in the country. .