Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mobile Phone Networks WiPeer. The free exchange without restrictions Imagine if you had a chance to talk on a cell phone, share files and short text messages for free indefinitely. Think fiction? Not at all. Israeli programmers (just in Israel, by the way, invented ICQ) are on the verge of introducing the revolutionary technology of the free and unrestricted exchange of information between mobile devices. Interestingly, would react as cellular operators and Internet service providers to such developments. I do not think they will love it)) The creators of software WiPeer promise in the near future to expand technological capabilities of their offspring. But now the prospects are attractive enough. Here are some excerpts from the information contained in the website development (English): 'The project was born at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Our objective was to allow P2P to connect computers without internet service provider in the Wi-Fi networks or home / office networks based on a joint application for file sharing multiplayer online games, chat, search, and ultimately, to share joint working tools. The goal was just a direct connection between devices without any third-party site or a central server. WiPeer helps build community / social network with people who are nearby (as long as 100 meters). What is WiPeer? WiPeer allows free exchange files directly between computers participating in multiplayer games, chat rooms, connected to a Wi-Fi, as well as for home / office networks. Who needs WiPeer? You connect with your friends and would like to send photos of your trip together on their laptop.
Phone Review Nokia C6 Master Communications lovers to communicate in social networks, Nokia has presented a pleasant surprise. Shop now mobile phones offering side-slider Nokia C6. Stylish design soft phone like you to at first sight. Nokia has created a phone, it is not tangible in hand. Thanks to its rounded edges, the desire to feel smart in her hand there immediately. Its main advantage lies in the QWERTY-keyboard, which as adapted for quick and easy typing. If you are sociable and popular, you should buy a Nokia C6, it will provide an opportunity to stay in touch with friends. In addition, Nokia C6 will give its owner indescribable color palette. Its 3.2 inch touch screen with 640 by 360 pixels can display 16 million different colors. With this phone will definitely lives brighter and more saturated. 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash will create a professional photo and video creations. Shalt his collection of unique and original moments of life. Nokia C6 offers you the opportunity to use a removable microSD, having the volume up to 16 GB. Thanks to its GPS-receiver and service Ovi Maps, you'll have the most accurate and free pedestrian and car navigation. Widgets to a flexible operating system Symbian S60 5.0 Nokia C6 will make it possible to manage phone functions from your desktop. The lucky winner of this smartphone will be able to talk without interruption for seven hours. Yes, this phone is set up that would always be in touch. Online shop mobile phones offers the first model, which will give unlimited communication possibilities. Buy Nokia C6 necessary, that would always be in the middle of it. It makes it possible to use stereo Bluetooth, EDGE, Wi-Fi. Enjoy your favorite tunes and quality sound with the Nokia C6 is not difficult. A universal headphone jack that...