Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sleep Each of us knows about something about the dream. But the point here is that these people receive knowledge from practical experience, and although they are quite valuable, but often it turns out that we have full of stereotypes and outdated data. For example, who said that the need to sleep 8-9 hours? It's already proven that sleep is necessary only a few cycles of sleep and sleep at the same time can be from four to seven hours. Most information about the dream man humanity has received over the last twenty - thirty years. For example, only recently have people know what is the phase of sleep, and what is the function of each of these stages, a special state of consciousness. At present, this theme is really popular. To study the proper sleep and increase its effectiveness, one must begin with the basics and understand the basic principles of sleep. They can learn, for example, after reading this article: Dream - this is .... Well, after study tips about sleep and sleep disorders, it is necessary to start the practical part - try to use all the techniques and tips for improving sleep quality in practice. It is absolutely necessary for all people, is it possible to improve their performance and get an extra two - three hours of time per day. So, where do I start. The first step is to develop the most suitable for you to sleep. Thus it is necessary to consider several factors - When you are working or studying, what time would you be most convenient to work when you can find such a period in which you no one would have prevented. I recommend a sleep mode, where you go is always different time - depending on when you feel sleepy....
Colliding Particles If the colliding particles are moving at low speed, then the energy of each gamma ray of 0.51 MeV. This energy is the "rest energy" of an electron, or its rest mass, expressed in units of energy. If the colliding particles are moving with great speed, the energy of the gamma rays will be more due to their kinetic energy. Annihilation occurs and the collision of a proton with an antiproton, but the process in this case proceeds much more complicated. As intermediate products of interaction generated a number of short-lived particles, but later a few microseconds as the final conversion product remain neutrinos, gamma rays and a small number of electron-positron pairs. These couples may eventually annihilate, creating additional gamma rays. Annihilation occurs and the collision antineutron with neutrons or protons. As long as there is an antiparticle, the question arises whether the form of antiparticles antinucleus. The nuclei of atoms of ordinary matter consists of protons and neutrons. The simplest kernel is the core of ordinary hydrogen isotope 1H; it is a single proton. 2H deuterium nucleus consists of one proton and one neutron, it is called a deuteron. Another example a simple kernel - the core of 3He, consisting of two protons and one neutron. Antideuterons consisting of an antiproton and antineutron was obtained in the laboratory in 1966, the core of anti-3He, consisting of two antiprotons and one antineutron was first obtained in 1970. According to modern physics of elementary particles, with appropriate technical means could be obtained antinucleus of ordinary nuclei.