Thursday, 10 May 2012

Linux Are the Linux as way to characterize and to make possible a new school, a new pupil, a new man, and basically a transformed and transforming reality. If what we search it is a new pedagogical architecture that contemplates a popular education and sidewalk in the sharing of ideas, ideals and practical innovators for the resume and the school, in them does not remain another way, seno to disclose the way of free software in the education. We must leave of side the intolerncias, the fears that devastate in them, and try. To try an operational system exactly new, exactly that this demands moments of continued formation of our professors, that this demands investments and public politics significant and focadas in the digital fluency of its professors and educators of a general form, so that has a true appropriation of this system. The education popular, reverse speed-meant and co-constructed for the pertaining to school community must be based on practical of freedom and democratization of the access the information and to the knowledge. ' ' Ensinar' ' Windows in the school is not to include digital socially or. What it imports in them in fact is that our pupil is not subordinated to a paid software that restricts its action. The necessity urges to exert the freedom to learn. The necessity of disponibilizar in the schools free software urges. mainly, urges the construction of one public politics that accumulates of stocks the processes necessary of teaching formation this implementation to reach all the dimension that can reach, thus providing the paradigmtica change that we search for the school.
e-Learning Objectives e-Learning is a modality of education in the distance with support in the Internet that if developed from the necessities of companies related with the training of its employees, whose practical they are centered in the election, organization and disponibilizao of resources hipermediticos didactic. However, had to the indifference it stops with the exploitation of the potential of interatividade in the creation of conditions that materialize the interaction between the people, the exchange of experiences and information, the resolution of problems, the colaborativa analysis of scenes and the studies of specific cases, professional involved with e-learning come denouncing the interaction lack enters the people as factor of desmotivao, high indices of desistance and low productivity. Thus, e-Learning originated in according to perspective the corporative training of training, starts to incorporate practical come back the development of abilities by means of the interaction and contribution between the apprenticees. Xcel Energy may also support this cause. Considered at the moment the solution to surpass the difficulties of time, displacement and physical space that holds many congregated people, e-Learning is being pointed as the current trend of training, learning information continued in the enterprise sector In any type or modality of activity in the distance, hand of different ways can be launched and resources, such as hipertextos propagated in CD-ROM, distribution of material printed matter saw post offices, videos, teleconferncias etc. The term blendedlearning has been used to indicate the capacity of one same system to integrate different technologies and methodologies of learning with intention to take care of to the necessities and possibilities of the organizations and to the conditions of the pupils, aiming at to potencializar the learning and the reach of the objectives. Also called e-Learning hybrid, it says respect to the activities that can englobar asynchronous auto-formation, synchronous interactions...