Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Spasm But how should do swimmers, having convulsions still there? There are the following rules: First of all, immediately change the style of swimming - swim back and try as soon as possible out of the water The feeling of constriction Fingers should be fast, with the power to squeeze the hand into a fist, make a dramatic, dropping a gesture to the outer side and opened his fist. The spasm of gastrocnemius is necessary, bent, both hands clasp the foot injured feet and forcefully pulled her to him. The spasm of the thigh muscles to grasp his hand up with the outside lower leg at the ankle (with lift), and bending the knee, pulling back to back. If the cramp your hands or feet has passed, repeat the technique again. It should be remembered that the work of flattened muscle accelerates the disappearance of seizures. Must also be aware that if a swimmer is tired, then the best rest will position "lying on his back." However, the best guarantee water safety is compliance with the known rule: "Never go to swim long distances without training." This can not be done yet, and because in case of danger swimmer is not able to quickly provide assistance. Many bathers guys often swim up to ships that nice swing on a wave and hit a friend of his courage. This is extremely dangerous to life. Near going boats, ship there are various whirlpools, waves and currents. To rest on the water was safe, you should not swim in prohibited areas, where banks are steep, overgrown vegetation, where the slope of the bottom may be clogged roots, is very dangerous for Life swimmers.
Correct Grounding Thus, the technique security. Washing machine is different from many electrical appliances that is connected also to the water supply. Such devices require grounding. In conventional flat ground instead of using neutral. Differences between these terms will leave to specialists in domestic terms is important to find the correct mount point 'third wire', that is the ground wire, which necessarily is present in a string of washing machine. If you have a house there electric cooker, then it is necessarily grounded. Find grounding can be on a special icon or are highlighted in color wire. If you can not do this, invite someone who can. Error in choosing grounding point is not valid. The second place where you can find the proper grounding - in the dashboard on the landing. There must be a metal rail, which is bolted to the bolt-on grounding wire. By the way, washing machine set of wires to the euro, to which you want - it has a third prong to connect the grounding wire. If such an outlet in a set you have not given - would have to buy their own. And one more important aspect Safety - Do not use extension cords or multiple plugs - it's dangerous, especially in humid environments. After completing wiring, make sure there are no kinks, breaks and other cable fault supply. Now, take wire for power wiring. In wires there are restrictions on the transmitted them to the current. For copper wire - 14 amps on 1 square millimeter of cross section for aluminum - 10 amp at 1 sq.