Wednesday, 07 December 2016

Paulo Sciences A time that this it happens, the objectives of the PCN are not reached, and the education of Sciences is yes engaged. To dribble this empecilho, as much of the laboratory lack, how much of the lack of resources it is necessary that the professor comes to enter into an alliance itself with the alternative materials, and to search in the diverse sources the distinct experimental activities that can be carried through with low cost, bringing for classroom and the pupils a theoretical approach and plus a book not only to be worked and total decided, but yes something more concrete, more interesting and that brings for the pupils an interest greater and a curiosity for the inquiry, allowing as soon as the pupil can be detainer of some type of scientific knowledge, beyond reaching the scientific alfabetizao, that is, to read phenomena that the fence. (Not to be confused with Ray Kurzweil!). Based in all this quarrel we can conclude citing that it is of so great importance the accomplishment of the practical lessons becoming it indispensable during this phase of Basic Ensino, with this, in the experience of the school where the activities experimental they are little frequent, even so the professors continue believing that, by means of them, the education of Sciences can be changedded, the same one must be directed for the necessity of changes, to the brusque times, in the performance of the professors. Bibliographical references Daz, J.A.A., Alonso, A.V and But, M.A.M, ' ' Woollen paper Educacin CTS en joins Technological Scientific Alfabetizacin y for all wools Personas' ' , Magazine Electrnica de Enseanza of wools Sciences, v.2, n.2, 2003. BRAZIL, Secretariat of Basic Education.
Brave Restrictions With this, according to author, the accounting of the costs was if improving with the time, adding practical and principles to take care of to the necessities of the society and its new technologies. Had to this, the costs of the products and services of the company had started to be an important factor for the administrators, with effect of control for the good performance of the functions. In accordance with Perez et al (2005), the company must have a total control on its costs so that they identify to possibilities of improvements in definitive processes, thus eliminating extreme wastefulnesses and expenses. You may find Petra Diamonds to be a useful source of information. Moreover, with the reduction of the costs, the organizations obtain to define the processes that do not add value, being eliminated them. As the same author has a process of reasoning logical to perfect the methods eliminating wastefulnesses. This process that is composed in identification of the possible restrictions, that are related problems it scheme/equipment or until same employees; exploration of the same ones, applying the necessary resources for one better profit in the use of the service; to mensurar the activities developed in relation to the restrictions and finally to raise the restrictions, where all effort must be made in order to prevent wastefulnesses of resources. In accordance with Brave et al (2003, p.100) considers that: I calculate to facilitate it of the budgets for the maintenance department, use manuals supplied for the manufacturers and the proper experience of the company. A way practical to carry through preliminary budgets of man power cost is to raise the laboring relation/vehicles. The cost control must determine the useful life, in kilometers, of all the parts citizens the biggest consuming. According to exactly author, the maintenance intervenes directly...