Monday, 26 December 2016

Run Games Universe expansion is lost! Recession of galaxies - another argument in favor of that The universe - a model in the computer. Note that between the recession of galaxies and the expansion of the universe is not a complete identity. If the matter is placed in a certain part of space, until a certain time step the space can be not to build - as long as the dispersion of matter will occur, without requiring new cells. In this case, once-Run Games galaxies (razletanie matter) is no expansion of the universe, that is, without adding new cells of space. Expansion of the universe (expansion in the truest sense of the word) starts from the moment when they start adding more cell space. It follows from this: to avoid contradictions in the Program, you must at every time step add to contours of the space a single layer of cells of new space. Expansion of the universe (not quite identically receding galaxies!) Should happen at light speed. Thus, the universe is finite. The universe is boundless. The universe is expanding. It is this combination of properties of the universe makes it possible to program it in your computer. And what about the theory according to which the universe could not only expand but also contract (if galaxies 'sbegalis' would)? Yes, let them shrink! But at the same time let 'Expands'! The process should be twofold: compression (removal of cells of space) - within the space, the expansion (adding new cells) - on the periphery. If add up to more cells than withdrawn, the universe will expand in total, if the contrary - would shrink.
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