Monday, 13 February 2017

Money On My Digital Photos ? Neither do I believe it but it is true. There are those who pay for digital photos on the Internet, when I found out I started to check my computer and can not imagine .... had lots of megs with photos, of course some that are not mine, those not taken into account, the material must be original, ie the registered owner. He had some very bad, blurry and dark, take the opportunity to make a clean and a lot of that went to the recycle bin, I found several that are definitely private (where I am fat, eating or laziness total) those not are not a joke. Read on and find out this opportunity ... Some poor quality because they were taken with cell phone and left seemed horrible but wonderful shots ... sunsets or flowers and my favorite ... my cats (cats are very photogenic, always go well, instead I ufff). Well, I tell them ... unable to select 10 that I thought were the best, are all not the best but very good, I pimp the lot and had several that held in reserve until you see how it worked the case since it calls to edit to some extent. First investigate several sites to analyze what suited me and which paid better and I decided to Shutterstock and now recommend it because it is one of the most important (or so I read in several specialized sites), I discovered that in it sales achieved by far outweigh the others thanks to its business model provides that the buyer pays a fixed monthly fee and this entitles you to a number of daily downloads for a month, there are companies that need a single photo and pay the monthly then take advantage of downloading all the stock...
The Dot-com Era Provides statistics on Internet use in the Hispanic world and how they affect the need for training of Web designers. Only in Latin America and the Caribbean population is estimated at 586, 662, 468 people. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger understands that this is vital information. In December 2001, Internet users were 18, 068, 919. In June 2009, the number of users increased to 175, 834, 439. Click Petra Diamonds to learn more. An increase of 873.1%! How many of these people will need to create a portal and, therefore, to reserve a domain or URL right? In this statistical reality, converging hard to ignore two aspects: (1) Web page designers (programmers, graphic artists, etc..) And (2) the domain (one-way Internet portal) or URL. This without taking into account the advertising strategies needed to manage the portals to market sectors that are more interested in the product or service you offer. According to the statistics, the answer to the question of the article is: NO. But the fact that Internet users will increase exponentially in the Hispanic region, it also increases the need for well trained web designers and trained. Similarly, it is necessary that the (URL) of those future sites, are suitable for representing the content and are readily acquired. Those who develop their skills in web design, will likely meet high demand ahead. It must be clearly established, to the extent that we identify the areas of greatest interest in this field, can be trained properly. Some PHP programmers are experts in management and database design or graphic designers. But, a designer of websites (site designer in English) should have a set of essential basic skills which enable it to design, publish and maintain a portal. The opportunity to design the gateways are real.