Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bring Companies Resources Scientists Facilitate the rapprochement of our researchers to the productive fabric is fundamental, especially if we are talking about small and medium enterprises, since the knowledge generated at the University can impact very positively on their competitiveness and innovation strategies, says Rosario Jimenez, Director of the OTRI. For this reason, UPOtec has a commercial character, focusing on the scientific and technological resources in terms of solving problems for companies. Divided by sectors and technology areas, the platform offers access to about 180 products, patents and services, after which are fifty research groups that are active in the University Pablo de Olavide. Through a search engine, based on sectors or keywords, UPOtec portal allows visitors to explore solutions that offer the University to their problems or needs. Futurist: the source for more info. The tag cloud or the outstanding facilitate, in this way, access to solutions such as the development of molecular to capture filters and take advantage of the CO2, climate studies of interest to tourism or diagnosis of the status of works of art for its preventive conservation, among others. The web platform will be, moreover, reinforced with the presence of the OTRI on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Through this channel, aims to take advantage of the potential offered by new technologies to reach companies and society in general. Therefore, and to encourage the consultation of the scientific-technological offer, information of interest such as news or success stories, a space that will collect experiences of companies that have collaborated with the research groups will be offered through these channels of the UPO. UPOTec is a virtual catalog that is born with a dynamic and open nature keeping its offer updated and in constant growth. In this way, the OTRI technicians will serve as a link between the platform...
YouTube It was great to see the rage of the people, the desire to throw the dam. There were families, teachers, lawyers, all sectors of the community were represented and that is important. Fed up with youth, hartas desire to be part of the event. There was Street Theater in which everyone was involved. He was terrific recounted Rodolfo Rada, one of the creators of the structure. The truth is that at the beginning my spirit was dead, because he didn't want to not scream. But when I heard the earth mother scream of pain, that picture was me and made me vibrate. Of truth that I was quite thrilled. And I liked that there was citizen participation and that as the people that throw this dam pointed out on the occasion Mauricio Molina. At the conclusion of Susana Niccodemi expressed that I entusiasme much, I liked seeing people were United by an objective, which is that basically we don't want dams here, neither now nor never. And I am very happy for having participated in the Act, because many times I have repressed in my work. Say me I can not be aware of these things because I work in a public service, but I feel that one when you think something must defend it, and the Defense did today is the defense of Patagonia and free rivers. And please understand that we have to nationalize the water, people are having to decide. After the demolition, volunteers cleaned up the place to leave the free transit which, for two weeks, was interrupted as a way of expressing Patagonia! without dams YouTube: Original author and source of the article.