Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sciences Holistic Education holistic pedagogy of universal love is the title of the first book on the topic of holistic education, published Ramon Gallegos Nava; same book that was translated into English and deserved to be recognized as one of the books of the year in the field of education in the United States. We realize with the reading of this text tells that it is not any improntus but at the height of the time that writes it already has settled his vision through readings of authors reputed in various fields of Sciences and philosophy (67 mentions in his bibliography), reflections and communication with more than a thousand people from fifteen countries, in a creative exploration on the emerging holistic vision. Actually it of pedagogy, holism and universal love fades for possible response to the huge current problems of humanity through education. The abundant production that happens to him of more than a dozen books, is an expansion of this germ ranging as cell mother generating cells differentiated to the specific attention in the universal love that generates them. We have thus seen emerge the spirit of education, education of the heart, an Integral Vision of education, learning communities, learning to be, dialogues Holistas; Wisdom, love and compassion, the path of the perennial philosophy, education and spirituality and of most recent occurrence spiritual intelligence. The written work of Ramon Gallegos Nava to which I refer, is only part of his work of universal love, because it is not reduced to written and oral discourse but it is accompanied by actions that make Roger Prentice, founder of the Institute for holistic education in England, expressed in one of his dialogues holistas Ramon Gallegos as Ron Miller and Jefrey Kain so surprised because they act with the philosophy of his theoretical construction. In...
How to Use Mass Call The Mass Call feature an innovative technology that allows sending messages to large numbers of people simultaneously, quickly and easily. And also constitutes an instrument of communication cheaper and effective than traditional media. Here are 11 applications submitted Calls Mass: 1 .- Telemarketing and Telesales: The most frequent use is given to the massive call is automatically contact potential customers in order to market and sell goods or services . It is advisable, prepare in advance a strategic plan which clearly specifies the segment of people who are targeted messages that might be interested. See Atmos Energy for more details and insights. 2 .- Promoting a product: communication is based on the differential advantages of a product through an advertising campaign, in order to persuade a target audience to buy it. We recommend the study of consumer behavior and segmentation to direct promotions to audiences. So also, use this tool with caution to avoid being intrusive, thereby making the message was rejected by the recipient thereof. For example: In La Rioja - Spain, Footwear cigarettes SA, company dedicated to selling shoes lady calls using mass as a means of promoting, offering and advertising for their products. 3 .- Conducting surveys: Calls mass can be used as an effective means of collecting data, which show consumption patterns and study the current market. Any company, you need to get this information essential to the analysis of their situation and to plan strategies to guide us towards making the right decisions. 4 .- Communicate events: can be used to invite and inform about the time, date and direction of activities such as product launches, pre-sales, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, parades, corporate meetings, conferences, congresses, forums, courses, diploma courses, conferences, social gatherings.