Friday, 21 April 2017

Translators Online New free internet in the area of automatic translation tools are amazing. On many occasions we need to know the meaning of a particular word or translation of an entire web page, in these cases the vast majority of users, that has no translation software installed on your computer, resorts to the word translator in Google search. Below is a selection of the best that can be found today: the Google online translator is the most popular, allows auto detection of the source language, translate texts, web pages and also documents of up to nine pages in length of Word or PDF files. It will not only translating words in real time to form a phrase, but it has also incorporated the phonetic translation for non-Roman scripts, such as Chinese, text to speech (literally: text to spoken pronunciation) in English translations. For those who want to translate to Arabic, Persian or Hindi, it features a option to write the words of Google and solid mode guesses the word you are trying to write if it lacks specific keyboard. It is followed by Babel Fish, the online translator of the search engine for Yahoo, which has other advantages such as the web site translation and transcription of up to 150 words. There are many other excellent quality as El translator. Dictionary and translator online of Babylon has many adherents, and although not included among free translators, is fast and efficient. Also stands the Politraductor, which combines 12 languages among which are cuantan the Russian and German, Prompt, Worldlingo and WordReference, considered by many the best dictionary that can be found on the internet. Original author and source of the article.
State Polytechnic University Composite panels are used in many companies, including: Swedish trains Regina and Oresund and German trains Talent from Bombardier. Composites used in the manufacture of a modern public transport. For example, Stork Fokker develops the concept of "Modular Light Body." The basis of this concept - wall panels, reinforced with fiberglass strands. In the picture presented Phileas, bus for public transport. 12 such buses in operation since 2003 in Eindhoven, Holland. And of course, composites - is an integral part of modern shipbuilding. From this do not just boats and yachts, but even warships! On photo - Swedish Navy corvette YS2000 length 73 meters and a displacement of 600 tons. Able to take any form, while maintaining the rigidity, strength and light weight, composites have been so material that has been used for years in structural components of the aerodynamic and stylish exterior panels on race cars and exotic supercars costing more than $ 500 000. Thus, composite materials long and firmly entrenched in certain industries. However, the layperson this may be little known, because of the relative novelty of such technologies as applied to such areas as automotive industry. And now, let me tell you about the use of composites to protect your vehicle. Specialists of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University over the years developed composite crankcase protection for automobiles, manufacturing technology practiced and carried out the tests. As a result, mass production was a first in Russia ... The composite crankcase Carbon The photo shows the composite crankcase for the Ford Focus 1.