Monday, 15 May 2017

The Pink Fairiesi School years wonderful small files. Dr. Mitchell Resnick is likely to increase your knowledge. Ian Fraser Kilmister. Read more from ConocoPhillips to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The world is better known as "Lemmy" (also, incidentally, "Jan Willis"). Already a very elderly man, who was born December 24, 1945 in England. A former and highly disorganized party Spacey-rock Hawkind, the current head of the vocal-instrumental band Motorhead (slang name to denote one of the drugs). The group works with 1975, the year in the last decades of not changing: Lemmy - vocals, bass, Phil Campbell - rhythm guitar, Mickey Dee - percussion and drums. ... Scandalous departure from Hawkwind Lemmy coincided with punk rampant in England. Time was a vague and incomprehensible. But, having settled in the misty Albion, Kilmister decided to create their own project. Given the current trends of music the band was named simply and clearly: Bastard (Bastard"). However, after the manager of the newly formed group said that with such a title team can act only in a sewer, an ambitious Lemmy chose a more neutral sign. He remembered Motorhead - his last song for Hawkwind. Having decided to confine this option (and leaving the invention of the philosophical implications on later), began to form a composition Kilmister. Moreover, identified as a priority hard rock, not punk. By Motorhead guitarist, Larry Wallis joined from The Pink Fairiesi drummer Lucas Fox. In this structure, in July 1975, the team traveled to a caliper is much better known in the past Greenslade, thus "soak" through his live performances. Pokolesiv two months in England, Motorhead came back and decided it was time to write anything.
Systemic Logic Also in Member a systemic brain works: analog and digital logic! A daily statement. But we all make every day ENT divorces in good faith, our logic rule out further self-doubt. We see matter (80% true perception), categorize and catalogue it, and develop our thinking and language and from our world - and people image and our action patterns. Yes, we do not see the opposite! It also almost always fine, except for the fools logic I. Success absence of we make more and more of the same (what?) instead of the method (how?) to change ( Laffer-effect ). Without something solid that prevents up to us! II. due to our natural absolute object true perception we are by the quantity (what?, how much?) impressed. (As opposed to Viktor Mayer-Schönberger). III. account before parts we to our abilities! For losses and disadvantages we blame others or ur stuff or to stands (who is to blame?"is the ur thing instead of what?"). The logic = the doctrine of the consistency is a method (type + way) E.g. as parents his offspring in a relatively short time relatively many travellers and to convey action patterns. Young people need to self-employment already more years of life than other living beings! If Antelope suckle-animals, and all vertebrates that suckle-animals as are vertebrate animals all antelopes, etc., or if all x are y, and so are all y z all x such dangerous ver general Meinerungen, ver same and different cuts: child, all men only want one (good so, otherwise we would be extinct long ago!),... Time / = money (wrong love BWL !), heavier brain be - much-help-much principle, off-the out the sense eyes... suggests more intelligent, Think pattern save us lot of think about work but, at the same time they jump into...