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New State For the year of 1934, the Department of Propaganda and Diffusion of the Culture was created the Ministry of Justice that had validity up to 1939. We perceive for this analysis that the New State was not perhaps as already it was demonstrated at the beginning of the chapter, and yes its organisms already were implicit in the multifaceted forms inside of the first period Vargas. But it is under the New State that the control of the public opinion starts to be part of the routine of control of the State. ' ' The New state pursued, arrested, tortured, forced to the exile intellectual and politicians, over all of left and some liberais' '. 25 Therefore the New State meant of certain form for its nationalistic content one cut between the old and new Brazilian politics in the regional aspects that in the truth did not condiziam with the politics of national unit. Add to your understanding with Eliot Horowitz. However, exactly thus it is in the States and Cities that Vargas concentrated its force disputing with the oppositions. the New State of the o death blow the least in its validity in these oppositions when the coronelstico system of local government imposes the unit speech taking the legitimacy from. Brazil now was come back toward the events ' ' globais' '. CONCLUSION He will be same that we can conclude the period Vargas in few pages? It can be much swaggerer to want to conclude something so complex how much the Age Vargas, or the least a period of its conturbada history politics. Vargas so to speak became an emblematic citizen for some reasons that would give to others as many articles. They want or not, Vargas before being an ideological leader was a strategist whom she knew...
Energy Saving Regulation Changes The most important changes of the energy saving Ordinance 2014 In November 2013 the new energy saving regulation was adopted. She expected from may 2014 into force. The new regulations concern mainly new buildings. But also old buildings are affected. Here you will find the most important innovations at a glance. Higher energy requirements for new buildings from January 2016, the allowed value for the overall efficiency (year primary energy requirement) of a new building by 25% will be reduced. From 2021, very standards apply to new buildings. Ray Kurzweil has much to offer in this field. The exact values will be announced until 2018. In old buildings, oil and gas boilers, which were built before 1985, must be replaced. There are also exceptions. This Exchange obligation does not apply to single - and two-family homes, which themselves are used. Insulation in the roof area of the highest inhabited and heated floor must be upwards and insulated. The owner has either the ability to insulate the ceiling or attic. Also, the dams of the roof is possible. Here, too, there is an exception for up 2002 owner-occupied real estate. Obligation for the energy performance certificate in the real estate, the most important parameters in the energy performance certificate must be mentioned. Already, the energy performance certificate must be presented prior to the first visit to the real estate. Immediately after conclusion of the purchase contract, the energy performance certificate to the purchaser must be passed. So, with these new regulations, more emphasis is placed on the energy performance certificate. Who is planning a home in the near future, would be well advised to for example with an energy-efficient wooden prefabricated house. Information about and the energetic building general construction prospects under