Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Multimedia Free MediWiki enterprise distribution of Regensburg - the Hello World! Media workshop has reached a new milestone. You posted on the 27.11.2013 a new major release for the free enterprise distribution BlueSpice. Curious for the new version already on the Web: weekly.blue spice.org already at the first glance is to see that BlueSpice has developed recognizable: users get new tools for quality assurance at the hand. The dashboards for users and administrators are striking. Learn more at this site: Ray Kurzweil. The navigation and the dialogues were completely redesigned and a newer technological basis. Also in the Administration and in the design operation of the wiki is even faster and easier. In this release were"the needs of workgroups and Wikigartnern in the foreground, the lead developer Markus Glaser says. I would like to thank on this occasion also for all users, who have accompanied us during the development." Press contact: Hello World! Medienwerkstatt GmbH residence str. 2, 93047 Regensburg Nathalie Kopff hallowelt.biz the Hello World! -Medienwerkstatt developed wikis for businesses and online publications. The company from Regensburg, Germany started the first success project with Bluepedia, IBM Germany, company-wide wiki. Today, the media workshop is one of the first addresses for all questions about free knowledge, wikis, blogs and social networks. Hello world! realized above all demanding solutions for knowledge management, quality management and documentation. This is the technological emphasis on open-source software, and especially to the Wikipedia software MediWiki. Since 2010, Hi published world! the free MediWiki distribution BlueSpice. Especially large and medium-sized enterprises in knowledge-driven and innovative industries (electrical engineering, energy, automotive, mechatronic, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, aviation and aerospace logistics, medicine) among the customers of the media workshop.
Today The word 'smartphone' for many remains a mystery. Most people simply do not understand the difference between a smart phone from a mobile phone. Release of the latest mobile phones further enhances the confusion, because they were very similar to smart phones. Knowledgeable people, however, will lead a huge number of differences. Here are some of them. The smartphone is usually much different from just a mobile phone in size, though in recent widespread introduction of microprocessors and supermalenkih steady growth displays simple phones are gradually reduce differences to zero. The presence of the operating system is a major hallmark of smartphones. Not secret that modern mobile phones can support multiple applications, but they use a virtual machine closed java, but not the operating system, which in comparison with any of OSes has a lot of cons. The most popular system for smartphones is symbian os, you can use in their vehicles firms such as nokia or sony ericsson. Thus, smartphones, cell phones are much more functional. If you compare the same sis games (games smart), and java games (games for mobile phones), then the difference will be significant for all parameters: engine features, gameplay, graphics. In the end, the primary function of mobile phones - reception and transmission, while smartphone designed to replace the PDA (mobile computers). Mobile content, however, a little turned our understanding of cell phones, which contributed to confusion, sdalalo border between smartphone and mobile phone so blurred.