Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Tech Wall Proceedings of the hi-tech For a typical high-tech plastic, concrete, stone, metal, leather, stretch ceilings, open brickwork and a variety of modern synthetic materials. At the same time, high-tech assumes a certain flight, the ease and grace. It includes a chrome-plated surface, steel ropes, glass, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum. In the interiors they are often used in conjunction with the tree. Hi-tech shows high the quality of plastics, light alloys, new composite materials, color glossy and transparent surfaces. Nerzhaveykamatovaya or polished and articles of wood attached to the facades of houses and interiors of buildings over stylish and attractive look. In the modern construction of stainless steel is popular. This material has excellent technical and operational characteristics, easy handling and does not require complicated care. Polished stainless steel is indispensable in interior architecture in a futuristic style. Combination of metallic gloss with the transparency of glass and the original texture of modern building materials allows you to create an atmosphere in the room, reflecting the energy and dynamism of the century of high technologies. Accessories Hi-Tech Wall hi-tech style recommended to cover the bright color, giving up wallpaper, and leave them without any decorations. If the bare walls seem inappropriate, they can be revived: hung large modern author in black and white Photos on light metal frames or paintings with abstract images, graphics, or avant-garde paintings. Frames should be combined with the frames on the mirrors and other interior details. Of aluminum produced extremely narrow limits without a pattern. Design of the baguette is not rich, but the choice of colors, shapes and cover great for all tastes.