Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Success: SerVonic Webinar On The Topic Of CTI Additional date is July 9, 2013 instead of Olching, 19 June 2013: the second Webinar: on July 9, an online seminar on the topic of CTI, presence management organizes serVonic again and IN the with IXI-PCS 1.30 ". The reason: The first webinar enjoyed great demand and very good reviews. serVonic offers so those interested, could not perceive the appointment on June 13, a further opportunity to participate in. The participants will receive an overview of the current state of development, the functions and innovations, the possibilities and the advantages of the professional call Server. The webinar starts this time to 11: 00 and lasts 45 minutes. If you have read about Ray Kurzweil already - you may have come to the same conclusion. All serVonic distributors as well as interested systems integrators, resellers, consultants, dealers and distributors are cordially invited. Consulting and sales personnel are targeting the online seminar. See press events/events / interested find the registration form. The webinar will take place via Cisco WebEx, a fee will not be charged. Servonic's professional call Server IXI-PCS is a client / server software solution (third party) for computer telephony integration, instant messaging, and presence management: via IXI-PCS users in the workplace have many functions and information from the PBX system and the IT environment right on your screen and can use their phone software supported effectively calls also keyboard and mouse. Together with the Unified Messaging server IXI-to the a unified communication solution is serVonic thus. For more information see. serVonic GmbH, Ilzweg 7, 82140 Olching, Sibylle Klein, Tel.
Piaget Memory Therefore, the best form to stimulate the brain, independently of the age, is to place the head to function: to read, to decide crossed words, enigmas, to play chess, to decorate texts etc. This mental gymnastics serves in such a way to keep the memory in day how much to stimulate the neurons that are disactivated, standes out the researcher, adding that these exercises help until the aged ones that they present reduction of memory caused for problems in the circulatrio system, some type of neurological disfuno or even for genetic illnesses. In middle of century XX a great growth on the part of the scholars for playing was verified, being one of the expressions of the child as source of its development. The activity to play for the child doubly is motivated, at the same time where if it develops playing, also it likes to play (VIEIRA, 2006). For Piaget (1978) if in an intelligent adaptation, assimilation and the room if balances, in the act to play, this exactly balance is insults. The assimilation predominates in this in case that on the room, what it would explain the act of the child while is playing, to modify symbolically the reality instead of it to submit itself. In the piagetiana vision, it is considered that during the construction of the mental images, also of mandate, the mental estruturao obeys a evolutiva curve that if initiates way body, by means of the project sensrio-engine. It is the action of the baby on objects of its environment, with its sensorial movements and perceptions, that go to interiorizar of the lived deeply one, by means of mental images. These mental images will be to the base of its corporal conscience (OLIVEIRA, 2008). The evolutiva curve of playing sample the manifestations of the symbolic...