Sunday, 11 June 2017

Screen Ssupervisrio System Version POWER Version especially developed for supervision of subestaes and electrical systems. It allows the communication with YOU GO (Intelligente Eletronic Device) and RTU (Remote Terminal Units) through any protocol of communication, also IEC8705/DNP 3.0. It uses base of local time, allowing sequenciamento of events (IT SOUNDS) with precision of 1ms of oscilografia, transference and visualization of wave forms, as much in local stations as in telesupervisionados systems. Modules of Presentation the Scada Ellipse possesss three ways of configuration: CONFIGURADOR, RUNTIME and MASTER. The active module is defined from a protection device (hardkey) that it is connected the computer. Whereas the modules Configurador and Mster especially had been developed for the creation and the development of applicatory, the Runtime module allows only the execution of these. In this module, any alteration in the applicatory one on the part of the user is not possible. In the absence of harkey, software can still be executed in way DEMONSTRO. As it does not need hardkey, the way DEMON can be used for evaluation of software. It possesss all the existing resources in it I modulate configurador, with exception of that it works with in Maximum 20 tags (changeable of process) and allows the communication with equipment of acquisition of data for up to 10 minutes. The modules Runtime and Mster are available in versions LITE, that possess the same characteristics, however are limited in number of tags (changeable): Lite 75 with 75 tags and Lite 300 with 300 tags. Presentation of the application Scada Ellipse for the Integrated project. Figure 1: Screen Ssupervisrio System. The screen above represents the general vision of the process. In it the operator will be able to have vision of all the equipment and devices gifts in the plant, beyond being able to visualize the possible alarms...
Success: SerVonic Webinar On The Topic Of CTI Additional date is July 9, 2013 instead of Olching, 19 June 2013: the second Webinar: on July 9, an online seminar on the topic of CTI, presence management organizes serVonic again and IN the with IXI-PCS 1.30 ". The reason: The first webinar enjoyed great demand and very good reviews. serVonic offers so those interested, could not perceive the appointment on June 13, a further opportunity to participate in. The participants will receive an overview of the current state of development, the functions and innovations, the possibilities and the advantages of the professional call Server. The webinar starts this time to 11: 00 and lasts 45 minutes. If you have read about Ray Kurzweil already - you may have come to the same conclusion. All serVonic distributors as well as interested systems integrators, resellers, consultants, dealers and distributors are cordially invited. Consulting and sales personnel are targeting the online seminar. See press events/events / interested find the registration form. The webinar will take place via Cisco WebEx, a fee will not be charged. Servonic's professional call Server IXI-PCS is a client / server software solution (third party) for computer telephony integration, instant messaging, and presence management: via IXI-PCS users in the workplace have many functions and information from the PBX system and the IT environment right on your screen and can use their phone software supported effectively calls also keyboard and mouse. Together with the Unified Messaging server IXI-to the a unified communication solution is serVonic thus. For more information see. serVonic GmbH, Ilzweg 7, 82140 Olching, Sibylle Klein, Tel.