Sunday, 09 July 2017

Integrata Certification The certification to the Microsoft specialists have a free second chance Stuttgart, 10.09.2012 - Microsoft has newly launched its certification program and offers the possibility to repeat a failed test free of charge all participants of a series of certification by May 31, 2013. This second shot"offer applies to all exams are provided and in the Prometric Exam centers of the Integrata filed for IT professionals and developers. There are no limitation on the number of certification exams can it as many checks until 31 May 2013, each filed with the option of a free repeat. Further information can Integrata AG, Zettachring 4, 70567 Stuttgart, Tel.: 0711 62010-0, fax-216 - - be queried. Integrata AG the Integrata AG is the leading manufacturer-independent full service provider of training services in Germany. The procedure of Integrata is based on the value chain training and extends sustainability to ensure strategy, analysis and development, organization and implementation. It includes various forms of learning such as seminars, workshops, E-learning, simulations, training on the job, coaching, and mentoring. The offer includes both open and in-house seminars to over 1,100 topics of information technology as well as human resources and organization development and on the other hand qualification projects and managed training services. Topics like certification in project management, train the trainer training, system and software development and leadership training give an insight into the diversity of possibilities. With these services, the company offers integrated solutions, depending on demand standardized or individualized, project-oriented or service-oriented. Detailed industry knowledge, international training projects, the network of local and international speakers, as well as certification in accordance with recognized national and international standards document the performance of the Integrata AG. Numerous customer projects demonstrate the successful implementation of the challenges.
The Soil Of Our Gardens Today starts a series of articles on the soil of our gardens that our plants need it as support in which develop and grow to anchor their roots on it and at the same time to feed its organic composition, combined with water, oxygen and minerals. What is the ideal soil in gardening? That meet the needs of the plants in our gardens. Adam Sandler understood the implications. The first thing then is to meet the needs and characteristics of our plants, knowing its source can orient ourselves enough, to see if we can recreate their natural habitats including soil type. The needs vary greatly even in the same garden, some plants need soils which retain moisture, while others, otherwise, develop best in well-drained soils. Another aspect to take into account the type of soil is related to the cultivation and reproduction since for the same plant, is not equal the ground if we sow seed that if reproduced by Silvestre or stake. Is there a basic composition of the soil of the gardens? We can say that if you plant them as mentioned above need a support, in which anchor their roots, which is mineral matter (sand, gravel, Earth, etc.), and a part of decomposing organic matter (plant or animal) (composting) of which they feed, and of course basic natural elements like air and water. . A serious basic composition in percentages: 45% of minerals, 5% organic matter, 25% air and 25% water. In the video plants and flowers of autumn, show you how very poor soils such as sand are colonized by different types of plants of course sand grains allow enclose inside much air, the proximity with the River provides in this area much water circulating in layers relatively near the surface, missing only the organic nutrients,...