Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Technological Innovation comevis new audio branding and service design developed for Voxtron Cologne, October 2013 the experts for auditory brand and service communication by comevis have an audio branding for Voxtron and service design. "A technologically innovative company to make sympathetic, but also at the same time powerful audible was a challenge for all parties involved: In the case of this technology company should be that the future not to electronically, sterile and cool sound and thus creates an acoustic odds with the brand values of Voxtron ensured,", explains Stephan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG, the special task. The combination of music and voices Voxtron now gives the correct sound. Read more here: kevin ulrich. The musical elements combine technology, strength and innovation. The male voice positioned the brand Voxtron powerful and competent, while the female voice conveys sympathy and humanity. Voxtron belongs to the leading manufacturers of Software for customer interaction. Banks, insurance, utilities, Commerce and industry rely on our multichannel solutions. Our strengths to make audible and transfer, in particular on our most important customer-service touch points we opted for the implementation of audio branding. With comevis, we have chosen our industry-leading team of acoustic brand management, service design and customer experience. Voxtron's core values have been convincingly worked out and recognizable audible made. ", says Ralf Muhlenhover, Director of Voxtron GmbH. As comevis in addition to the factors of sound choice of words, speech patterns, sentence structure and grammar for a company always again characteristically combined, n. makes tone in his advisor of voice if voice is to the brand"clearly. Here, deepened the meaning and function of voice of the corporate voice expert and describes this in particular in the context of brand communication.
Social Commerce Immersed in the timely topic of relations or human communications, we have seen how the implementation of new technology has allowed us to create concept to close to content distribution that allows us to create an interaction and social integration much more solid and educated. We can not miss this opportunity without stress as up to our habits of consumption are changing, generating an incredible presence of consolidated brands by adopting new ways of Internet Marketing to play to an audience much more demanding through the media or Social communication networks, since these companies have understood that he is not simply to have a presenceIt's fostering relations with persons and variable quotas for consumption that represent. Facebook brings to life the need to integrate a fifth P in the mix of marketing people. And with the increase in social consumption, Facebook and social media in general, also enter a new C in the community, commerce. Although it may seem that we are progressing in the alphabet Here, from to F, Facebook represents an important platform to recruit and activate the social consumption.F-Commerce is the ability to execute transactions on Facebook without leaving the network or leverage the graph open through Facebook integration in traditional e-commerce platforms based on the site. And more important still, binds each transaction of the social graph. With each change, an update is transmitted to the source of news of their contacts. Potentially, this triggers an effect social and ultimately, they can influence impressions and decisions at the time. Mitchel Resnick is full of insight into the issues. E.g. Levi s presented a group of friends of the store on its website showing the jeans that have liked his friends. This introduces a model of peer-to-peer influence where we influence and are influenced by those in...