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National Identity This article presents as objective main to analyze the personage Policarpo Quaresma, central personage of the workmanship, detaching its main characteristics as: distinguished patriot, idealizer, visionary whom symbol of the revalorizao of the national ideals and the construction of the national identity became it. For assistance, try visiting Eliot Horowitz. The workmanship was published with resources of the proper author, initially in folhetins of the Periodical of the Commerce of Rio De Janeiro, it enters 11 of August and 19 of October of 1911, and in book four years later. Its plot if develops in the city of Rio De Janeiro, in 1893, period where Brazil was governed for military. PROJECT OF NATIONAL IDENTITY IN the OLD REPUBLIC Policarpo is a personage who ironiza the reality of its time and that discloses that the social experience in Brazil after-Republic did not pass of workmanship of imposters. When opting to the culture of the aboriginals, the violo, in detriment of cultured norm, Policarpo Quaresma makes strident an shout against the status imported quo of the Brazilian society. Everything sounds comic, but it would have was to comover, to inquietar and to awake. On our central personage, what it deserves prominence is its irony: cutting, sharp, fertile. More fertile than lands of the small farm Calmness that produces one of the main ironic tickets of the book, but where it does not leave convincing agricultural production. Policarpo participates of the fight for a Republic that trai: when defending the prisoners of the revolt against the rising Republic, Quaresma are executed, defendant of treason for the simple fact to have denounced to the Marshal of the Alagoas Floriano Peixoto the executions by firing-squad of the defeated rebelled ones already. He tries to save e, ironically, is victim of its proper virtue.
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