Thursday, 23 November 2017

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The Text Grammar: In order to understand and build oral and written texts should identify parts of a sentence, syntactic analysis of simple and compound sentences, sintact8icas determine the functions of different language structures, etc 2. Construction of texts: Related to the proper use of grammar, spelling and comprehension. 3. For more specific information, check out Mitchel Resnick. Reading: It involves the compression of familiar words, words in context, words with multiple meanings and context-specific vocabulary, idioms and figurative language that is related to daily life experiences, apply reading strategies accuracy and short extracts connect ideas for age appropriate, regularly make inferences and identify main ideas depending on the content and complexity of language, connecting ideas from several sources, including tables, illustrations, maps and graphics to expand the understanding of the text , include the author's point of view based on their total experience, and can create meaning from knowledge of the text. 4. The calligraphy. 5. Spelling. The cognitive dimension (knowledge, understanding, thought) constitutes the second main criteria for the tests. Define the behaviors expected of students when confronted with the contents, ie the skills and abilities associated with specific skills. These cognitive domains are transversal to all testing and as examples we can see: IN MATHEMATICS: CONTENT DIMENSION LEVEL I LEVEL II LEVEL III NUMBERING OF MATHEMATICS COGNITIVE DOMAINS (behaviors, skills and abilities required.) - Describe, read and compare numbers Sort and write natural-natural numbers and identify the numeral, and the procedures for ordering and writing numbers. -Determine the predecessor and successor, and the procedure to find it.