Tuesday, 08 May 2018

Agricultural Process You already bought seed sprouts. It seems to think that it remains only to grow seedlings and plant it in soil, and then enjoy a great harvest. This is not quite so - to get a good crop of cabbage you still need good work. Good cabbage, beans, cucumbers, potatoes. Planting seedlings to spend the second half of March. Seedlings emerge in 5-7 days. By planting seedlings ready in 35-40 days germination, when it is 5.4 true leaves. Seedlings should be hardened and feed. The first feeding is carried out in phase two of true leaves. The second - a few days before planting. In the open ground early seedling varieties are planted in late April, late harvest - in late May. Landing on the scheme: early cabbage 60x40 cm, medium-late and late - 60x60 cm care consists of regular hoeing, weeding, watering and feeding abundant. During the growing season spend 2.3 feed. For the dressing used and special organic complex water-soluble fertilizer containing complex NPK, enriched a wide range of trace elements, providing necessary food vegetables. CARE OF CABBAGE irrigation. Cabbage is very demanding to moisture. The greatest need in this culture is manifested in the water phase of intensive growth of leaves after transplanting, as well as during heading out. After landing her thoroughly watered every 3-4 days for two weeks from 6-8 l/m2. Subsequent irrigations are doing once a week for 10-12 l/m2. Hear other arguments on the topic with kevin ulrich. Early cabbage sprinkled profusely in June and later - during the August, when it is tying up with a fork.
Breakin Time To protect yourself from dusk to home burglaries within your own four walls everyone feels like safe and you want to of course do is worry about possibly a burglar one could take the entire possessions and goods. But right now at the time of the fall, where it will be out again rather dark and remains longer in the morning dark, many burglaries happen. This is mainly because the burglar feel more confident, because in most households is at the latest as of 17: 00 the light switched on and if this does not happen to well identify also the TV or computer through a window. Burglars know so exactly whether someone is at home or if no one there is. Just in the last five years, the burglary figures have risen dramatically, but how can I protect from burglars? First of all, every household should have a good home insurance, because it comes to the burglary, a household insurance covers most of the damage. You should always before you leave the House in the fall and winter a little Light burn drain many burglars, so it's not completely dark in the House that frightens. Because the most break-ins occur through Windows or patio doors, you should always make sure that all Windows and doors are closed. The basement door, which often forget to complete, should therefore always securely locked. You should also make sure that the Windows and doors, you have Ah really are and not so easy to be can levered. So really, no one can penetrate in the own house or apartment. In the garden, also no ladders or other climbing AIDS should stand free, which makes it just easier to enter the burglars. Quite brazen burglars also breaking up if the House or apartment owners...